AGT only adopts premier petroleum products.

FUCHS SilkoleneAGT adopts FUCHS Silkolene, the premier quality petroleum product who has better results in shock and buffer absorption.

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  • Tuning the upper seat - Steel exterior/ big needle-shaped turning bearing, against impact and deformation, long longevity, one year warranty. (Note: Rubber is consumable product and not in the warranty coverage)
  • Spring - Large caliber ultra-thick diameter cylindrical tapered spring, super-elastic coefficient of chrome molybdenum alloy steel, long longevity.
  • Damper -
  1. Damping oil: advanced lipid-based damping oil imported from UK, which will not change along with temperature changes and excessive density.
  2. Oil seal imported from German, O Loop, Wearing Resistance and leak proof.
  3. Same quality level of piston with giant German Manufacturers, high performance, comfort and excellent grip.
  4. Damping tube adopts ultra-density alloy steel, leakproofness up to 100%, good flexibility and not easy deformed.
  5. The axis adopts nano-scale ultrafine grinding lubrication coefficient that effectively reduce the frictional resistance.
  6. Special design of flow valve, 20 level damping force adjustment, clear levels with evenly distributed force.
  7. Dedicated travelling, dedicated springs and special damping force design, 100% customized design and manufacturing.


Note: the rubber around shock absorbers are consumables not in the warranty coverage.